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Dear Yan

I just want to say thank you so much for looking after me so well. I came to you with crippling shoulder and neck pain, headaches that took up 2-4 days a week, and fibroids. I was struggling to work and spent all my time managing my condition through diet, exercise and medication when I really couldn't cope.
You have spent most of the past year treating me, have been very patient, and have taken a scientific approach to consider my presentation and the causes. You have been stalwart in your approach to ensuring that my treatment works.
It is 4 weeks since I have had a headache and I barely notice my neck and shoulder pain anymore. I have asked my GP to refer me for another scan to show that my fibroids have gone. I am now able to work every day.
It has taken a while, but a year on I think I harp every my life back and I am so very grateful for your input.

Many thanks!

Patricia Ronan

Dr Yan

I have been having acupuncture and acupressure with Dr Yan for more than seven years. Her professional qualifications and years of experience as a doctor in China assure you that her practice is of the highest professional standard. I have always found her to be excellent at her profession. She is a very warm and friendly person who always puts you at your ease and this adds to the enjoyment of the treatment. During the years I have attended her clinic Doctor Yan has treated me for a number of health issues, including recovery from shingles, balancing my hormones and helping me to gain a stronger digestive system, as well as occasional muscular injuries. Her care and attention to my overall health and wellbeing has been excellent. Initially I was very scared of needles, but Doctor Yan put me completely at ease, showing me how to relax. I soon overcame my fear of needles. I also really enjoy and recommend acupressure as it is very relaxing and restorative. I would not hesitate to recommend Doctor Yan to anyone who is interested in having acupuncture / acupressure as from my experience her treatments and advice have enhanced my quality of life. I have a treatment every week and look forward to her wonderful healing hands and the conversation we share.

Amanda Hemmer