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Dr Yan Zhang

Dr Zhang is a qualified doctor trained in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (中医)(TCM) and Western Medicine. In 1992 she graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Liao Ning University and started practicing at Hai Cheng Hospital in China where she stayed for more than 15 years. Her last six years were spent in a consultant role with the special responsibility of supervising a team of newly qualified and junior doctor as well as treating many patients. She has conducted important medical research into pulmonary disorders and joint dysfunction. Two of her research papers have been published: "Acupuncture therapy of tempotomandibular joint disorder syndrome" was awarded the outstanding thesis at the Barcelona International Medicine Conferences in 2000. "Clinical analysis of hyper tonicity pulmonary edema in mechanical draught therapy - 30 case studies" was published in volume 4 of Chinese Practical New Iatrology 2004.

Dr Zhang “is easy-going and warm-hearted, highly responsible and passionate about her job. She has the ability to work under pressure with good medical ethics. Therefore, she has gained a high reputation and is considered as one of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors in our hospital.” Professor Xiao Jian of Hai Cheng Hospital, China.

Since 2007 she has been practising in the U.K and has been very successful in treating a variety of ailments and disorders, relieving pain problems, mental problems and internal disorders. Yan has gained a good reputation for her highly professional and caring service.

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